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Inclusive Woods & Us: Equitable access to outdoors education & experiences


Let's go outside together.

Our Vision:

Woods and Us envisions a world where nature’s lessons, beauty, nourishment, love, and strength are accessible to ALL people. 

Race and income are the two most significant factors blocking equitable access to nature and its health benefits. Marginalized populations often live in cities or urban settings where they are more likely to be denied regular access to wilderness areas and green spaces like local parks and urban trails. 

Therefore, the primary aim of Inclusive Woods and Us is to increase equitable access to the outdoors for children, families, and communities of people of color in lower socioeconomic standing as a way to improve the physical, mental and spiritual health of vulnerable populations.

Our Mission:

To amplify the call of nature that lives within each of us by sharing stories, providing programming, organizing expeditions, and supporting outdoors education for marginalized communities

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